The public isn't aware of this, but as of April 20th, 2015 Zillow and Trulia stopped getting feeds from the Denver MLS.  Permanently.  What the public doesn't know is this means that over time, the real estate data on Zillow and Trulia will continue to get more and more innaccurate (even more than it is now if you can believe it.)  Here is what the active listings look like today for zip code 80134:

80134 listings in the MLS:  187

80134 listings in Trulia:  312

80134 listings in Zillow:  343 

Why the difference?  Can there be listings missing from the Denver MLS?  OF COURSE NOT.  Because that is the source of all listings.  So how do you explain it?  Stale listings.  Listings that have been sold for 8 months.  Why anyone would want to look for homes on either of these sites is beyond me.  And now every day that goes by there are going to be more and more listings MISSING from Zillow and Trulia.  Every single individual Realtor would have to post their individual listings on Zillow and Trulia manually (oh and also change their status manually when they went under contract or sold) and that simply isn't going to happen.  Realtors don't care about Zillow or Trulia.  The Denver MLS is the only true source of listings that is 100% accurate 100% of the time.  Bank on that.  If you want a personal "portal" on the Denver MLS to search for homes, all you have to do is email Jeff Kroll at and he will set you up.