For years Parker CO had only 2 ways to get to I-25, using either E-470 or Lincoln Avenue.  Both of those roads were extreme North Parker, so residents in the Southern boundaries of Parker were sort of trapped; for some going across Crowfoot Valley Road into Castle Rock made the most sense to get to I-25.  Otherwise you have to accept driving 7 miles of Parker Road to get out of Parker.  

For the last 2 years Hess road has been under construction, and now its being delayed a month due to lack of signage.  That is a pity, but when it opens it will certainly be a game changer!  For one thing, it will "expose" everyone driving on I-25 to where Parker is relative to Castle Pines North (pretty much directly East of it,) and also expose eveyone to the new Rueter-Hess Reservoir, which will certainly be the crown jewel of Douglas County some day and a major landmark for Parker.

It will also alter traffic patterns throughout Parker. With the Ridgegate Parkway/Mainstreet access in place now, adding Hess Road means even more people will stay off Lincoln, which I'm sure is going to please the homeowners that back to Lincoln.  I always thought Lincoln would become an Arapahoe Road and would have to be 3 lanes through Parker, but no way that is happening now.  I think its possible that more cars will travel on Mainstreet and Hess Road combined to get to I-25 than Lincoln.   

Will it change home values in Parker CO?  That remains to be seen.  BUT the homeowners in Horseshoe Ridge and Antelope Heights will certainly benefit from the double-whammy of Rueter-Hess and Hess Road being right next to them.  You think that Realtors will play this up when listing homes there?  You better believe it.  And that might drive up demand.