While the public has never had a clue how Trulia gets its listing info, the truth is they get it from a listing syndication service called ListHub.  Well guess who has always owned ListHub?  Realtor.com.  And Realtor.com has now been bought by Rupert Murdoch and News Corp, so it is a new world folks.  Effective February 26h, ListHub will stop supplying listings data that it aggregates from more than 560 multiple listing services to Trulia next week.  That is 560 markets in the U.S. that Trulia won't have any info on at all.  The chain is forever broken.  Hmmm...wonder what that means?  It means that the FARCE called Trulia is dead as we know it.  Having always posted misleading home data on its site for the last 6 years, now Trulia will be even more inaccurate than ever, and I pity the buyer that continues to use that site and think they are seeing the whole market.  

The one, and only one credible site for listing data is the local MLS in any city.  The Denver MLS is 100% accurate 100% of the time, and nobody can ever dispute that.  If you'd like access to this MLS via your own "personal portal" just ask us.  Its an awesome experience.