Staging your home can have a big payoff for you by selling your home faster and for top dollar.  

Everyone agrees don’t forget the obvious items in getting your home ready to sell.  

  1. Your home must be clean, remember everything must shine. 
  2. Neutralize the paint color.  
  3. Depersonalize your home by removing all family photos and collections.
  4. Probably the most important, remove all the clutter. 
  5. Something very few experts remark about is the smell of your home, don’t cook something that leaves an odor which might be offensive to someone, when in doubt bake an apple pie or some chocolate chip cookies. 

Next you will need to make changes on how a perspective buyer views your home, this is how staging works. Remember you must show buyers the possibilities of each room because first impressions are essential in today’s market.   The link below is from an article from the Denver Post, dated 9/7/2013 which offers 10 tips to make your home a desirable stage for selling.