Housing starts edged 0.3% lower in October to an annual pace of 628k, better than expectations (it's always interesting where they get their expectations) and led by a 3.9% gain in new single-family home starts. Housing starts are now 16.5% above their VERY depressed level one year ago. New construction starts have fluctuated within a relatively narrow range for the past two years with little net change in trend.  There was a time when I hated all of the new construction because it was killing resales.  Now, its exciting to hear any hammers and see any new homes going up.  In Parker CO, there are actually 4 areas of decent new home construction activity; Horse Creek (off Hess Rd,) Meridian, Castlewood Canyon south of Pradera (although that is technically Castle Rock,) and even in Idllywilde/Canterberry to the east there is new construction.  

I saw the new Meritage homes in Canterberry on the east side of Parker CO recently, which are priced in the mid 200K's and most either back to the Black Bear golf course or back to open space, so they are prime lots.  They have this really cool construction display, where they built the model and its all furnished, but upstairs they left all the sheet rock off so you can see what's happening inside the walls and ceiling, and when you look up you see that they don't insulate the floor of the attic.  They actually spray the entire ceiling of the attic instead with very thick foam (gotta be R30 at least,) so its air tight and your attic stays warm (or warmer...it still wouldn't be heated,) which is kind of weird to think about.  But it makes sense too in that its a tighter seal and the attic air space is now more of a "buffer space" against the very cold air outside of the home...kind of like double pane glass.  I can see where this would save tons of money!