An Interesting Change of Events


The federal ban on 100W light bulbs was temporarily suspended last month as part of another deal, in Congress, to avoid another threatened government shutdown. This provision prevents the Department of Energy from spending any money to implement or enforce the energy efficiency standards for light bulbs that is set to start going into effect for 100-watt bulbs in 2012.


This delay gives consumers an additional nine months to stock up on 100W incandescent light bulbs and inform their congressman of their desire on this subject. The lighting ban will be revisited at the end of September when the government fiscal year comes to a close.


It was fascinating to think about how this simple change could change real estate deals.  Homes in Parker CO and any home in Denver would face an interesting delima.  You burn out a bulb and then you have to replace that $1 bulb with one that cost $39.  Talk about sticker shock!  You'd be pissed.  And you might have to buy more than one then too so they match.  Some homes have 30-40 lights in them, so theoretically you could have thousands of dollars in light bulbs in your home, that are supposed to last for 20 years.  Should this home be worth more than another that has only changed out a few of their bulbs?  Will sellers take their bulbs with them initially until most homes have them in them?  Will they be excluded in contracts?  It could be interesting.  


For additional information on the light bulb ban, visit CNN and Energy Savers websites.