This is really exciting for Parker!  We now have a venue right in our own backyards that can seat 530 people and a host of other events like receptions, meetings, dance classes, computer classes etc.  As the momentum builds, it will be exciting to see people driving to little ol' Parker CO to see a show!  The PACE Center stands for Parker Arts, Culture and Events Center, and it will become the heart of Parker's Arts and Entertainment offerings, and will add CULTURE to Parker's many lists of features!  Will it attract homebuyers?  Will it help Parker CO house prices?  Not likely.  But it certainly adds presitige to Parker and is an amenity that is hard to put a price tag on, like a Rec Center or a park.  It will certainly make Parker more marketable no question!  Let's get the BUZZ going! 

Here is the history behind the center and the creativity of the design of it.

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