Multi-family units/duplexes in Single Family Neighborhoods

This will go down in a blaze of glory trust me.  I can understand the need to be honest, with multi-generations of families living together now due to the recession etc.  And with the population getting older it does make sense to try to accomodate Grandma and Grandpa instead of sending them to a pricey old folks home.  

Check out this meeting if you are interested in the topic.  If this passed it might only be a matter of time before other cities and towns considered modifying their zoning too.   

DERA will host Mary Shaw Taylor, Zoning Manager for the Town of Castle Rock, 
Development Services at 8:30am on Friday, January 20, 2012 at DERA Offices, 840 
Kinner Street.  Ms. Taylor will be discussing the controversial issue of Accessory 
Dwelling Units in the town of Castle Rock.  
Currently Town PD communities allow ADU’s (approved through PD process) for 
family members and employees of the primary residence with the property 
owner living onsite.  The discussion revolves around whether the Town of Castle 
Rock should amend the zoning code to allow ADU’s in Single Family Residential 
zones and should the code be amended to allow ADU rental space for tenants 
other than family members.  ADU’s  are separate dwelling units with a kitchen; 
they can be separate accessory structures on a lot, additions to a single family 
structure or dwelling units within a single family structure (finished basements).
Issues to consider:
 Increased HOA dues as they would have to incur legal expenses to rewrite 
CCR’s to include prohibition (and legal issues of doing so after the 
amendment is passed).  HOA’s would be impacted significantly and 
homeowners may have their dues increased to cover costs.  
 Possible decrease in property values or alternatively an increase in home 
 Consideration of deed restrictions on property usage.
 Lender approval for a change in property usage.
 Insurance issues.
 Assessing issues.
 Loss of enjoyment of home due to density issues of added traffic, crime and 
noise on street.
 This may perpetuate the sale of homes to investors.
 Extra income for homeowners.
 ADU’s expand the supply of affordable housing.
 ADU’s make more efficient use of existing housing.
 ADU’s provide a mix of housing.
There will be another meeting held by the City of Castle Rock on this issue on 
December 6th , 2011.  Mary S. Taylor (Zoning Mgr) will present various proposed 
ordinance amendment(s) on the issue of allowing Accessory Dwelling Units in 
Single Family Residential zoning designations.