For the past 15 years, Denver Realtors have used a home-made MLS system, which at the time it was launched it was state-of-the-art.  As of today we have a newer, bolder, more powerful MLS, which has features we used to dream about! The public site for the Denver MLS is  Prepare to be amazed.  And this is finally going to put the pathetic public sites of Zillow and Trulia to shame.  No more fraudulent data.  No more misleading the public.  No more making local Realtors look stupid.  The control is going back to the Realtors in Denver.  

Realtors (in other words legitimate real estate agents...not ones pretending to be in the business...if you don't know you better ask your agent) can give any buyer we choose a "portal" on this site, where they are logging ONTO and IN the Denver MLS themselves.  This site is 100% accurate and 100% real time.  Its a new dawn.