Not surprising at all.  I knew when I saw this Denver Post article about Denver Homes that is was on the money and wasn't a bunch of hype.  Do we have a housing SHORTAGE in Parker CO?  You bet we do.  But only in certain price points.

The market is different this year.  The market is picking up momentum.  Been on the fence for the last 5 years?  You keep waiting and the opportunity is going to pass you by.  END OF STORY.

I don't see how the bottom of the market can be hot and not spill up to the more expensive homes.  Prices can't rise at the bottom and fall at the top there has to be a limit there somewhere. 

I had a listing on Peyton Drive in Clarke Farms for $238K AS A SHORT SALE had 18 showings in 5 days with an offer over the asking price.  So we shut it down for showings (now we have to get it approved!)  I believe this is going to happen to more and more sellers and boy is it going to be a pleasant surprise.  I don't really want to see a sellers market either.  Hopefully we can just get BALANCE in the market...finally.