It's an intriguing idea!  The more I think about it the more I like it.  

The more energy efficient a home is the more it should be worth, because it has savings advantages over a non-energy efficient home and is good for the planet.  It would add an incentive to anyone wanting to invest in making their home energy efficient, whether it be solar, or energy efficient appliances or whatever. 

A Bill is going through the Senate right now.  

Wouldn't it be interesting if you could list all of the energy efficient items in your home for an appraisal?  

Wouldn't it be REALLY interesting it got down to counting the LED lightbulbs in your home...those $40 lightbulbs in Home Depot that are supposed to last 22 years?  Those should certainly add value to a home over one without them.  How many lightbulbs would an average home have in Parker CO?  An average $300,000 home might have 75-100 lightbulbs.  I can see a home having thousands of dollars invested in just LIGHT BULBS.  I can see some homeowners (until they get so widespread that they are common in all homes) actually take their lightbulbs with them!!!  I can also see them getting stolen out of bank owned homes too, which would not be good of course.  

Why wouldn't an appraiser factor those in?  The problem is they wouldn't know what kind of lightbulbs the comps had, and there is no way to post them or track them in the Denver MLS.