This condo defects law sure is messed up.  We get that buyers need protection, but if nobody wants to build condos anymore we have a serious problem.  Why?  Because we already have a serious supply/demand with housing, and this makes that equation worse.

People need choices in real estate housing.  We absolutely need more condos in a real estate market with rising home values and one that is quickly becoming unaffordable for many.   If only 3.4 percent of single-family home starts in metro Denver in 2015 were condos, and nine years ago that share was 25 percent, that is seriously messing up with housing mix that we need to keep communities balanced.  Towns like Parker, Castle Pines and Castle Rock CO need more affordable choices for buyers, and how are they going to provide that if there are no more condos being built?  It doesn't bode well for the future.