We have a new designation in our real estate business.  It's called a Broker Price Opinion Specialist.  And the irony is that a Broker Price Opinion is really just a Market Analysis, and every Realtor should be able to do this anyway.  So now you can be an expert at filling in blanks in a form for a bank!  Wow!   

I've always wanted to dream up some crazy stupid designation, create a course around that, then charge a Realtor $99 each year for the rest of his/her life to maintain it and advertise it.  Since Realtors have all this extra money and they are dense and don't know the difference, why not?  

My ideas so far:

Certified Deadbolt and Door Opener (CDDO)

Setting Showings for Buyers Resource (SSBR)

Certified Mapper and Router (CMR) …for routing yourself to each showing

Electronic Signature Specialist (ESS) …for coaching people how to sign contracts with their mouse

Certified Sign Placement Specialist (CSPS) …for expertise in placing a sign in a yard…using geometry and the angle of the sun as it hits the sign

Home Photography Specialist (HPS) …you get this if you never take a picture of a room without the lights on…lots of Realtors would not qualify

Real Estate Closing Specialist (RECS) …coaching Realtors etiquette at a closing…and if they should be the first to indulge in the freshly baked cookies or not

Economic Downturn and Housing Crash Resource (EDHCR) …goes without saying…we all have earned this one!