This is the biggest lie in Real Estate:  The COMPANY you hire makes a difference in selling a home. 

I recently lost out on a million dollar listing because the seller bought into the "bull" the other agent told her that their company works with more "relocation buyers" and therefore would be able to sell the house quicker because they would "steer" those buyers to her listings.  

What a bunch of crap. 

Know why?  It's called the Internet. Our listings get as much exposure as any from any company, period. And corporate transfers make no difference at all...because EVERYONE sees EVERY listing on the Internet anyway. I worked for Remax for 5 years so I get the appeal to the "worldwide brand."  Metro Brokers is only Colorado yes, but in the scheme of things they could also be worldwide (biggest in the universe!) and it would make ZERO difference in the result.  

I've heard it before.  It comes down to if you truly believe that an agent has the power to get you to buy one of their listings over another.  THAT is placing too much power and control in the hands of a Realtor. A Buyers Agent can't make you buy a home.  Homes in Parker CO or Castle Rock CO or anywhere in CO have to sell themselves. No Realtor can stop a showing from happening...really think a Realtor isn't going to show a home that his buyer wants to see...even though it's from another company?  Not going to happen in a million years. 

Real estate is consumer driven, not Realtor driven. Maybe in the days of the "MLS Books" that Realtors carried around under their arms, they might have had the "power" to "control" what you bought.  Not going to happen in today's world.  Ever.