Here are a few more fun ideas to do in the winter time, so your not stuck inside all day when its snowy and cold.

*Snowmobile- If you like horsepower go take a smowmobile out for a fun ride! There are several places where you can rent a snowmobile and have some fun. You can take a personal tour or just go out and ride around with everyone else. Take your camera along for some amazing back country shots.

*Smowbike- If you like to ride a bike and ski here is your perfect thing to do! Your bike has skis not wheels! Pretty cool!! It lets you steer and ski at the same time. There are instructors on hand to teach you how to use the bike and than you are set to go for a fun new ride.

*Chairlift- You can go on a fun chairlift ride they also have an amazing one at Keystone resort that you take and enjoy a gourmet mountaintop meal. You can take a chairlift ride to go skiing or snowboarding also. Colorado has a ton of different slopes for you to try.


**Next time it snows and you have no plans for the weekend try one of these super awesome activities**