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Have Prices Peaked in Denver??

According to this latest Denver Post Article, the signs are truly there.  Prices can't go up forever at the same pace they have gone up in the last 3 years.  You could characterize it as hyper-inflation for Denver and Parker CO real estate.  Its has not been a healthy market and eventually the supply/demand imbalance has to even out one way or the other.  Either new construction will finally catch up or the 3 interest rate hikes announced in 2017 will curb the demand.  This is a good thing for Denver.  We don't want San Fransisco pricing here.  

Top Segments for Income Growth in Colorado

Top sectors of income growth are right here.

Great days ahead if you are in finance, local government, or the health care industry.  Not so rosy if you are a farmer or in the mining industry.  The good news is that most segments are growing and not retreating, and this is especially important to realize if you are buying a home in Parker CO or the Denver Metro area in the next year.


Global Warming?

Bet you've never seen the topic of global warming presented like this!  Take the time to read it carefully all of the way down.  

Then just for fun, run this graph down the page fast to really see the big picture!

Anyone want to challenge global warming now?  Still think its not human caused and its just a random event that occurs naturally to the earth?  Think again.   Own a home by a ski area?  Better hope for the best case scenario.  

Might make sense to invest in air conditioning company stock (Carrier has been in the news lately why not that one,) and if you own a home in Parker or Elizabeth or anywhere in Douglas County with a high elevation and have been fighting the urge to invest in air conditioning, might make sense to finally give in to that urge.  Its going to be hard to fight history and turn this thing around...

Know How Many 2016 Home Sales Fell Due to the Appraisal?

What is 2017 going to bring as far as home price appreciation?  Back in May, one-fifth of all home sales fell due to the appraisal, and Parker CO and Douglas County were not immune.  Isn't that stunning?  In other words, we got ahead of ourselves on pricing big time.  It was a classic imbalance of supply and demand that got us here.

We continue to see homes not appraising and deals falling even in December, although it may not be at the same levels we saw back in the spring of this year.  If you are a seller you need to be aware of this risk.  Real estate deals that fall apart cost a seller time and money and its not worth it in the end.