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Denver Predicted to Win the Super Bowl by Realtor.com!

Everyone has a theory, so we'll see if this hold true.  Realtor.com is predicting a Denver Broncos win based on the stock market results for the month of January.  

But check this out.  Every single year the Broncos have been in the Super Bowl the housing market rose!  That is pretty cool.  

If they do win, they look like superstars.  If not...well better luck next time.  

What is a Granny Cottage?

This is a trend that could have some legs to it.  Granny cottages are allowed in Denver?  Who knew?  Why not use all of the land/space you have?  Why not have someone help you pay the mortgage?  It also makes sense why some communities would ban them...because then it may seem like a multi-family community and potentially ruin the character of the neighborhood.  Lots of buyers always tell us they are looking for real estate in Parker, Castle Rock, or Elizabeth where they can have multi-generations live there.  The standard answer these days is "you have to find something for sale with no HOA and pretty far out to be able to pull this off."  Seems like there should be more opportunities for this in Douglas County.  

De-Clutter Now!

Here is the psychology of clutter in a nutshell:

The Six Kinds of Clutter

Just recognizing what kind of clutter it is and having a strategy for tackling it may make it easier to let go.  Here are six basic kinds:

1.  Sentimental Clutter- If you are attached to it, then it is not clutter...maybe this object is loved. Have too many items you consider to all have sentimental value?  Problem.

What to do: Ask yourself: If it’s not important enough for to display, and you don’t find yourself paying attention to it for months on end, it probably doesn’t have the sentimental value you’re assigning it.

2. Gift Clutter- Often we are reluctant to declutter items from friends and family, whether we like the gift, need it, want it, or have room for it. The primary motive for keeping gifts is to not hurt the person’s feelings.

What to do:  Try to mentally separate the item from your feelings of the person, and make every attempt to get rid of it.

3. Dream clutter- most all of us cling to the dream that some day we’re going to get back into something we use to love...like crafts etc.  And because none of us likes admitting that we didn’t accomplish a dream, our “dream clutter” can become overwhelming. 

What to do: As you get rid of this clutter, it’s a lot like giving yourself permission to mark lots of stuff off your “to do” list that you know you’ll never get to anyway.  

4. Expensive clutter- So often we keep an object around because we spent a lot of money on it. Throwing or giving it away just seems like wasting money.

What to do:  Remind yourself that the past is past and you can’t fix what you’ve done with the money by keeping these objects around. In fact, your bad purchases are costing you an emotional toll by adding to the clutter in your life.  

5. Depression Era Mentality- we “might need them some day,” right? But if you haven’t “needed it” in the past few years, chances are you won’t need it in the future.

What to do: Ask yourself how realistic is it to hang on to these things? Can they be replaced if you truly need them? If so—get rid of them.

6. Overwhelming Clutter- we can’t find the desire to move forward because we are overwhelmed. 

What to do: Break down overwhelming tasks into small, bite size chunks, to make the task seem less stressful and more doable.  Take one step at a time, and don’t think about the whole project.

Here are a few articles to help you get started.  Hopefully one of these articles speaks to you and helps you take that first step.


1. The Ridiculously Thorough Guide to Decluttering Your Home



2. Declutter 101: Hot to Cut Clutter at Home



3. How to successfully declutter anything in your home!



4.  50 Ways to Leave Your Clutter


Good luck de-cluttering!  As the old saying goes, “Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions!”

What CO First Time Home Buyers Need to Know


I like this article showing 6 first-time homebuyer mistakes and tips to avoid them.  

Its certainly not all-inclusive.  But basically when you work with a Realtor you are getting someone that is a coach, and can guide you to making the right and best decisions for your situation.  Its another one of those "you don't know what you don't know" kind of things.  Talk to us if you are thinking of buying any real estate this year. It costs NOTHING to have a Buyers Agent, and we can save you a ton of time and effort.  We will be your partner from the first searches to the closing.  

Who is This Bird Man Guy?

Lots of people have a unique problem in Douglas and Elbert County, and this guy can solve that problem.  Woodpeckers!  They are nasty annoying birds, but Pat Brodbent The Bird Man has solutions for this pest.  He is the go-to source for any issues you are encountering with nature.  He also makes killer bat and bird houses for your property, and even personally delivers bird seed to keep your inventory stocked.  

The Bird Man is your #1 resource for Wild Bird Products, Bat Houses, & everything you could need involving Organic Gardening.  We highly recommend you call him.  

Colorado's construction-defects law driving up Parker and Castle Rock condo prices?

This condo defects law sure is messed up.  We get that buyers need protection, but if nobody wants to build condos anymore we have a serious problem.  Why?  Because we already have a serious supply/demand with housing, and this makes that equation worse.

People need choices in real estate housing.  We absolutely need more condos in a real estate market with rising home values and one that is quickly becoming unaffordable for many.   If only 3.4 percent of single-family home starts in metro Denver in 2015 were condos, and nine years ago that share was 25 percent, that is seriously messing up with housing mix that we need to keep communities balanced.  Towns like Parker, Castle Pines and Castle Rock CO need more affordable choices for buyers, and how are they going to provide that if there are no more condos being built?  It doesn't bode well for the future.



6 Tips to Sell Your Home in the Winter Months

We Luv these 6 Tips to Sell Your Home in the Winter Months.  

It makes a lot of sense; when you selling a Denver, Parker, or Castle Rock CO home in the winter, make the home warm and inviting and get people to stay inside as long as possible.  It can help a lot!  The best thing you can do is make it look like you are expecting them.  And if you have a gas fireplace leave the fire on...what's the harm?  Helps with the WARM and INVITING part.


The 5 Parker and Denver Real Estate Trends That Will Shape 2016


The take-away from this article on 2016 Trends is that we will hopefully have a more balanced market in 2016 than last year.  We can only hope.  Balance is a elusive thing in the real estate world...haven't seen this in 8 years or so.  I think #4 poses a real risk to values going up another 12% for Parker and Denver CO homes...and we don't need that anyway at this point.  And sadly for tenants #5 will probably hold true...again its great to own rental property in Denver these days!  We can help with that...there are certain things to look for and we can provide the right guidance.  

Breaking down where renting beats owning in Parker and Other Colorado Cities

Question:  Is it a better strategy to buy or rent in Parker CO and Douglas County?  The question lies in the price of housing vs. the price or rentals in any given city.  Its interesting how they analyzed it in this article.  I still maintain its always better to own than rent, as long as you can afford to buy...and can get qualified.  We are still in an appreciating market, so there is still upside to buying.  

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